If it’s something you wear and related to hockey, we’re on a mission to review it for you! If you want to live and breath hockey, you don’t just need gear for when you play, but you’ll need hockey apparel to wear around.

We put together a bunch of wearables for you to check out. We are consistently adding to this list, but if you have a special request of some gear you’d like us to check out, leave a comment on a post or contact us here. We hope to have a good review of every piece of apparel for you, whether your goal is to rep your favorite national team or show your support to your favorite NHL Team.

Practice Jerseys

Want the best jerseys for your team to practice in? We’ve gone through and collected the best ones for the best value here. You want them to be high-quality, but since they’re just practice jerseys, we don’t want to blow our budget on them.

Click Here for The Best Hockey Jerseys

Canada-Maple-Leaf -Vintage-Style-Retro-Men-s-Hoodie-SweatshirtHoodies

Nothing is more comfortable than a hoodie. We have some cool ones that you’ll want to wear around until the fall apart. Get one to wear around and show people you’re dedicated to the game, on and off the ice.

10 Best Hockey Hoodies

Knit Socks

Stay warm while out there on the ice! Get yourself a new pair of knit socks. You can pick up some plain colored ones or a pair of your favorite NHL teams!

The Best Knit Hockey Socks


If you’re just practicing or playing outdoors in the heat, sometimes it’s great to have a pair of hockey specific shorts to put on. Check out our lists below of the best hockey pants to get this year: