We all want to be like the pros. They are the ones we look up to and learn how to play from. One of the best tips I ever received was to find a player who played most like me. Find someone who has a similar skill set and similar body type, but was obviously 10x better than me since they are playing professionally.

Once you find this player, try to become them. Watch them during games. You stop watching games and start watching your player. You start to learn how they move, touch the puck, use their body type to their advantage, and you can start doing this stuff too. You can begin to learn how to play like the professional most like you.

On top of that, you may want to pick up the same gear as them or get their jersey to support them! Great! Or maybe you just want to support your favorite team. Whatever it is, we’re collecting reviews of the best NHL gear below.

Franklin-Sports-NHL-League-Logo-Mini-Goalie-MaskNHL Goalie Masks

Want to have the best goalie mask that NHL players are wearing, like the New York Rangers one to the right?? Check out the list below. We may not have all the teams, but these are the best ones to wear if you plan on going on the ice with them!

8 Best NHL Goalie Masks