Your stick should be your best friend. It’s going to determine how you touch the puck and make it do what you want. This should be one of your most crucial decision when it comes to buying new gear. If you see yourself in an NHL All Star game or playing for your national team in the future, you’ll want to start making sure your stick is pro level!

With that in mind, we wanted to give you the exact kind of stick you’d need within our different reviews. We look for the best stick for the best value. Even if you’re shopping on a budget, then you’ll be able to find the right stick below.

Bauer-Supreme-TotalOne-MX3-Composite-Stick-YOUTHHockey Sticks

This is a list of the best sticks for adults, or anyone too big for youth sticks. This is the top list for us. If you’d like to see us compare other sticks to the sticks on this list, go ahead and let us know!

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Stick Racks

Are your sticks all laying on the floor? Get that cleaned up with a brand new hockey stick rack.

9 Best Hockey Stick Racks

Hockey Senior Shafts

Still have a blade, but need a new shaft? We got the list for you. Below are the best hockey shafts on the market. Find the one that’s best for you and get on with playing ASAP!

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Bauer-RHTP92-35-Flex-Prodigy-Youth-46-Composite-StickYouth Hockey Sticks

Need a hockey stick for someone not ready for the full size. Great! We have a list of the best youth hockey sticks below so that everyone can get their future favorite stick.

7 Best Youth Hockey Sticks

Stick Grips

Don’t let the stick fly out of your hands! Get a grip on it by getting the best grip on the market. Check out our list below to see which one you should get.

The 10 Best Hockey Stick Grips